The companies

Barthel GmbH – Barthel Digitalprint GmbH – EtiPro GmbH

Essen site

Essen – at the heart of the Ruhr area – is where Barthel Group is headquartered. Barthel GmbH, our largest site, is located here as well.

An average of 200,000 square meters of printed as well as blank labels are produced here for customers from the food industry, home care, cosmetics, chemicals, and other sectors every day.

More than 200 employees and cutting-edge machinery, currently including more than 40 offset, flexographic, and digital printing presses, as well as finishing machines, ensure that everything runs quickly and smoothly.

KienLabel BV

Site in Belfeld, NL

KienLabel B.V. is located at our Dutch site in Belfeld, near Venlo.

KienLabel B.V., with a workforce of around 40, produces an average of 50,000 square meters of labels for well-known customers in Europe every day. The company has a cutting-edge machine park with more than 10 printing and finishing machines at its disposal for this purpose.


The company, which has belonged to the Barthel Group since 2007, specializes in the production of high-quality multi-layer labels. These include:

Please also visit the KienLabel website for more information.

D.E.S. – Die Etiketten Spezialisten

Landau in der Pfalz site

D.E.S. – Die Etiketten Spezialisten GmbH holds our site in Landau i.d. Pfalz, situated on the southern wine route. The company with about 20 employees produces up to 10,000 square meters of premium labels every day – depending on the degree of label finishing. The production halls at our Palatinate site are equipped with cutting-edge machines for both classic and digital offset printing, as well as for a wide range of finishing options to this end.


D.E.S. has been part of Barthel Group since 2014. it covers the market for premium labels within the group, in particular in the segments of wine, sparkling wine, spirits, and high-quality cosmetics.

Please also visit the D.E.S. website for more information.

Evert Etiketten

Prutting site

Evert Etiketten GmbH is located at our site in Prutting, Bavaria, near Rosenheim. The traditional Bavarian company joined Barthel Group in 2017. It has complemented the group’s competencies in the areas of flexographic and digital offset printing since.


Evert primarily supplies customers from the food industry, but first and foremost from the pharmaceutical industry, with high-quality labels that meet all the requirements and specifications of the pharmaceutical industry.

Please also visit the Evert website for more information.


Bünde site

eprint GmbH from Bünde in eastern Westphalia is an expert in the printing of high-quality labels for the personal and home care sectors. Eprint GmbH has been a member of Barthel Group since 2020.


Eprint GmbH is one of only a few printers in Germany to offer flat screen and dry offset printing in combination, enabling it to print photorealistic labels with particular brilliance.

Please also visit the eprint website for more information.


Herne site

ATB’s system label specialists are located in the direct vicinity of the Barthel Group headquarters. The team in Herne has been supplementing the production power in the heart of the Ruhr region since 04/01/2021 at an additional corporate seat in NRW. Founded as early as in 2000, the company expanded its focus on the food industry and successfully established itself in the personal and home care areas as well as in logistics, too. After moving into a larger building complex, ATB now has more than 7,000 sqm of production, storage, and administration space at its disposal.



The employees handle both digital and flexo print jobs with a comprehensive range of machinery.

Please also visit the ATB website for more information.