Environmental friendliness
in label printing

… is not just a fad, but daily practice for us. As a result, we as a label manufacturer depend on cutting-edge and energy-efficient machine technology and combine sustainability with economic advantages. We print your labels on a number of sustainable materials on request, matching the recycling approach of your packaging solution. We contribute to sustainability together with you.

Contribute to sustainability together

Sustainability starts with the selection of the appropriate material and ends with the appropriate disposal of the residual material. We offer environmentally friendly solutions for both.

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Select sustainable materials

We can offer a diverse choice of materials that optimally combine sustainability, quality, and functionality.

FSC® – Out of responsibility for the forest

Barthel GmbH is committed to supporting sustainable, socially responsible, and economically sound forestry. As your FSC®-certified partner, it can guarantee a sustainable product range for your label in accordance with FSC® guidelines. We offer you an extensive range of FSC®-certified, high-quality materials for this purpose.

FSC® Recycled

Going one step further. Use of recycled materials not only benefits the environment but will also enhance your reputation as an environmentally friendly company. Last but not least, you can also benefit from some economic advantages.

We can offer you a choice of modern FSC® recycled materials that are in no way inferior to their non-recycled counterparts in terms of whiteness, brightness, and opacity in spite of doing without any chlorine-based bleaching agents.


Bio-based plastics are plastics that are entirely or partially derived from renewable raw materials. Plant-based products reduce dependence on dwindling petroleum resources and the pollution associated with fossil fuel extraction.

We can print your label, among other things, on bio-based PE film:

Biodegradable and compostable

Biodegradable –

describes the substance property of decomposition capacity by micro-organisms in the presence of atmospheric oxygen to carbon dioxide, water, biomass, and minerals, and in the absence of air to carbon dioxide, methane, biomass, and minerals, without any defined time periods.

Compostable –

means that a product will break down to a majority of water, carbon dioxide, and minerals within 12 weeks in an industrial composting facility (at 60 °C). Subsequent screening through a 2 mm sieve will leave behind no more than 10% of the input amount.

Compostable packaging is already mandatory in many applications across all business segments. In addition, a 2013 study by the European Commission shows that 77% (and rising) of all European consumers are willing to pay more for a proven environmentally friendly product.

Biodegradable & compostable –

is therefore the best possible seal of approval for your sustainable packaging. Customers of Barthel Group can choose the right material for your labels from an extensive range of biodegradable as well as compostable materials.

Sustainable disposal of material residues

In Europe, around 360,000 tons of backing paper are generated as waste in label production every year. This is why Brussels is discussing the need to declare backing paper as packaging material throughout the EU and to tax it similar to the ARA system.
We can recommend two environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions that will help you reduce your label stock waste to zero:

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RafCycle offers sustainable solutions for recycling waste from the self-adhesive label life cycle.

Recycling glassine

Recycling of RP carrier material