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Barthel stands for…

The product manufacturers’ labeling obligations to the consumer are becoming ever greater, and so is the wealth of information that a label must contain – especially when multilingualism is added to the mix.

Speed & reliability

We are always there for you! This is why our reliable expertise team will accompany you from the idea for a label, through the optimal production process, to the punctual delivery to the place of your choice. Our 500 employees at six locations work in 3 shifts on five days a week to ensure that your orders arrive on time, always in the desired quality, and, of course, complete. We may be able to deliver your labels as early as on the following day upon request, depending on run size.


Professionalism takes high priority at Barthel Group. In addition to continuity in our personal development, we also focus on long-term perspectives, which move the group as a whole forward in a target-oriented manner. Innovation is our practised corporate culture.

Flexibility & individuality

A highly motivated and committed competence team with creative, flexible, fast employees and machinery equipped with innovative technologies ensure implementation options for individual, customised solutions together with you.

Quality & precision

Uncompromising quality down to the last detail – precision and attention to detail are essential for label production. It doesn’t matter whether the labels are price labels or high-quality decorative ones. There are no standards. After all, the label is there to make your product special and to give it a face. This requires extreme care in every step of production – from prepress to shipping.

Experience & innovation

The label is your product’s figurehead – and thus also its quality promise. We promise exactly this to you based on more than 30 years of experience and ongoing renewal of innovative power. If we can’t do something yet, we’ll learn it for you! True to the motto “stagnation equals deterioration”, we keep on developing our machines and the know-how of our employees.


Trust is the indispensable condition for a good, cooperative partnership. As a result, we make sure that our customers have a fixed contact at our company, who will, of course, always be happy to listen to their needs. This consistency and close collaboration allow them to feel understood and in good hands. A common view of the goal – the high-quality packaging or label for the product – develops in an open and honest exchange.


As a leading company in this industry, we represent environmentally friendly, future-oriented technologies, and a sustainable product chain.

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