Strong across all industries

Barthel Group is at home in any industry. Every industry has different demands and requirements for its labels. We know them and how to meet them all to our customers’ satisfaction.


Barthel has always produced a vast variety of labels for the food industry, from price and marking labels to enhanced decorative labels. We take the guidelines that our customers must meet regarding labels in this industry very seriously indeed. We are ready to meet them to the fullest.

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Wine & spirits

Barthel Group is also positioned strongly in the wine & spirits area. The company DES – The Labels Specialists at our site in the Palatinate specialises in production of high-quality premium labels for wines, sparkling wines, and spirits.

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Detergents & cleaning

Barthel Group is also well established on the European label market for home care and other non-food products. We produce thousands of metres of high-quality labels for detergents and cleaning agents as well as for wall paints every day. Other product areas include stationery, tools, handicraft and kitchen utensils, candles, and many others.

Our printing and materials solutions are just as varied and individual as the demands placed on the different labels. Our motivated employees are prepared well for any challenge with the combined know-how of the group and our highly modern as well as versatile machinery.

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Appearance plays an immensely important role in the purchase decision in particular for cosmetic products. The label should, therefore, be able to reflect the value of the product at first glance. We will skilfully put your product at the focus through our know-how and our innovative and modern machinery. We use a special variety of finishes and the highest print quality with radiant colours on paper and film alike for this.

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Defect-free, correct, and detailed product labelling is of the utmost importance, in particular in the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, we use only the most modern testing procedures in the production of pharmaceutical labels. Production is continuously controlled by camera systems to not only ensure precise results without any deviations, but also traceability for several years.

The application of Braille (text for the blind) via screen printing on our pharmaceutical labels is also part of our standard repertoire. The same applies to the production of multi-layered labels and closure labels.

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Chemicals & automotive

The chemical and automotive industries have very specific label requirements, which our products naturally meet. Not only are they weatherproof but they can also withstand extreme temperature fluctuations as well as contact with various aggressive chemicals to guarantee optimum readability at all times.

Our multi-layered and wrap labels, designed in particular for the chemical and automotive industries, offer sufficient space for all content requiring labelling and multilingual content.

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